Why Isn’t Identity Theft Getting Better?

What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself From Being a Victim of Identity Theft

Identity theft can be quite an uncomfortable topic to talk about. With recent technological advancements, you would think that it would be very hard for someone to steal another person’s identity. Whatever happened to the promises of having your fingerprints scanned in order to confirm your identity, social security number, and many other pieces of personal information? Truthfully, identity theft is getting easier to accomplish for greedy, but savvy, criminals.

The Twisted Webs They Weave

Being inconvenienced with someone stealing your identity is certainly burdensome. While your financial losses might be minimal if someone opens a credit card in your name due to federal laws aimed at protecting you, the time you spend trying to clear your name can all too often become a full-time job. If that sounds troubling, consider that there is even a whole new variety of identity theft.

The newest form of identity theft involves criminals using the identity of the person they stole in order to commit more crimes, such as creating counterfeit checks. Stealing a person’s identity hardly just involves a criminal going on a shopping spree at the local department store. In today’s high-tech era, it involves criminals committing even more crimes under the guise of the person’s identity they have stolen.

Is There Hope For The Future?

Until we experience the widespread availability of protective technologies, such as scanning fingerprints, it is necessary to remain cautious and act accordingly. Safeguard your social security number. Just because someone asks you for your social security number does not necessarily mean it is required. Also, do not carry your social security card in your wallet. In the event your wallet or purse is stolen, you don’t want the thief having access to your social security card.

Invest in an inexpensive paper shredder and use it to dispose of credit card and bank statements and all of those unsolicited credit card offers you receive in the mail. Also, carefully review incoming credit card and bank statements. If you don’t recognize particular charges or something on your statement raises your suspicions, don’t hesitate to report it.

Utilize the above tips on a regular basis. They can be helpful in allowing you to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.


I.D. theft won't stop until the consumer is able to control who uses their information. A credit freeze is the only real solution.

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