What You Need To Know About Credit Card Rubbing

Have You Been The Victim of Credit Card Rubbing?

There are some things that you should learn about in order to reduce your risk of identity theft, and card rubbing is one of those things. Card rubbing is one way that identity theft criminals gather information they need to commit identity theft. If you have even just one credit card, you really need to know more about card rubbing.

What Is Card Rubbing?

Recently there have been reports on the Internet of consumers who feel they might have been the victims of identity theft as a result of card rubbing. Card rubbing is really the “old fashion” way of completing a credit card transaction that stores used years ago before the availability of modems.

The Dangers of Card Rubbing

One danger with card rubbing is that a carbon copy of your credit card account information can be stolen or fall to the floor and anyone can access it. Also, it can increase your risk of identity theft is a store has dishonest workers. A cashier might have a difficult time remembering all sixteen digits of your credit card at a quick glance, but if the cashier rubs your card, he or she will have a copy of your account number and can refer to it later.

Just Say No

If you are attempting to use your credit card at a store and you are informed that there is a problem with the store’s computer and your card will need to be rubbed, you should refrain from having this done. You should opt to pay cash or not make your purchase at that time.

It’s almost difficult to believe that a store employee would possibly commit identity theft, but it does happen. If you feel you have been the victim of identity theft as a result of card rubbing, you need to file a police report immediately. Let the police do their job and in the meantime continue to take steps to reduce your own risk of identity theft.


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