What States Have the Highest Rates of Identity Theft?

Identity Theft Risk Factors

Did you know that your risk of identity theft can be related to your physical address? ID Analytics Inc., a well-known security-fraud firm, released a study recently that illustrates just how an individual’s risk of identity theft is affected by where they live. If you want to know where your state ranks for identity theft, read on...

Some Interesting Numbers

According to the study ID Analytics, Inc. released, the top three states for identity theft are New York, California, and Nevada. States that have the lowest risk include but aren’t limited to Wyoming, Vermont, and Montana, which also have lower population compared to the top three states.

A False Sense of Security?

Identity theft is certainly a crime that every American should be concerned about. No one is really immune to identity theft, and this crime happens to individuals in every demographic. Some identity theft experts have discovered that individuals at both the higher and lower income ranges are more affected, but that still doesn’t mean you are given a free pass if you fall in the middle-income range. You still need to take steps to protect yourself from identity theft.

While there certainly are trends related to identity theft, there are always exceptions. That is why it is important to take your risk of identity theft seriously and take preventative measures. Safeguard your social security number and don’t hand it out unless absolutely necessary. Never give out personal information to anyone who calls your house no matter what story that person tells you.

Identity theft is really a national crime in every sense of the word. Living in a certain geographic area might impact your risk of identity theft, but if you do become a victim of identity theft, the criminal can be located at the opposite side of the country. Our use of computers has really made identity theft a far-reaching global crime.

Continue to take steps to reduce your risk of identity theft now and in the future. The time spent trying to avoid becoming an identity theft victim is well worth it considering that if you do become an identity theft victim, clearing your name is like a full time job.

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