What Does School Registration Have to do With Identity Theft?

Identity Theft and School Registration

Child identity theft is an increasingly common occurrence, because children's credit records are generally not monitored by their parents. This makes them an easy target if their personal information, such as their full name, birth date or location, Social Security Number, or other specifics are somehow accessible.

School Registration Time: Pull Those Important Documents Out Of Hiding!

School registration time is one of few when a young child's information is provided to a complete stranger. School personnel may require copies of anything from your child's birth certificate or Social Security card to medical records and other personally sensitive and identifiable information.

You are justified in being cautious with regards to simply making copies of this documentation and handing it over, and there are several steps that you can take to improve the security of your child's identity and prevent identity theft.

Don't Be Afraid to Speak Up

If your child's school requires copies of important personal documents, ask them whether it is really necessary to provide copies, or if simply showing a member of the staff an original will suffice.

If they need to have actual copies on hand for their files, ascertain how the files are maintained, stored, and who has access to them. Feel free to question the policies if they seem particularly lax.

Also, if your child's school uses his or her Social Security Number as an identification number, ask that they assign a different, random identification number to your child's file.

Do You Check YOUR Credit Report Annually? Check Your Child's, Too!

Whether your child's school requires this information or not, it is still a good idea to check your child's credit report annually. This may seem a bit ridiculous, since your grade school student is not likely to have any open credit accounts, but it is highly recommended as a way to stave off identity theft.

Make it a habit to request a free copy of their credit report each year on their birthday; if you do notice anything unusual, at least you will have some time to reconcile it before your child actually needs to have a pristine credit report!

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