Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

Do You Really Know How to Prevent Identity Theft?

It’s much better to prevent identity theft than it is to try to address it after it has occurred. Identity theft affects many individuals from all walks of life every year. No one is really immune, and there are many ways identity theft can happen. When you learn to prevent identity theft, you can significantly reduce the likelihood that you will become the victim of identity theft.

Breaking It Down Into Two Elements

There are two important considerations you need to address when you are trying to prevent identity theft. Keep two words in mind: incoming and outgoing. Incoming as it is related to identity theft involves any incoming paperwork or phone calls you receive.

Every month you probably receive numerous credit card and bank statements in the mail. How you handle them is important in trying to prevent identity theft. It’s important that you don’t leave you incoming mail sitting in the mailbox for too long. Purchase a mailbox with a lock on it if you work long hours, and your mail sits in the mailbox for hours. This will prevent identity theft criminals from gaining access to your mail which includes important information they can use to open credit cards in your name. Another issue to address is where you store the credit card and bank statements you keep. If you have babysitters, repairmen, or other individuals coming into your home then you want to make sure that your filing cabinet is locked up.

Incoming phone calls are also an area that presents a possibility for identity theft to occur. To prevent identity theft make sure you are careful when you answer the phone. Never give out your social security number or other personal information in an unsolicited telephone call.

It’s as equally important to address outgoing mail as well. Always shred any credit card offers or credit card or bank statements before you throw them away. An identity theft criminal can piece paper back together if you simply cut them in half. Paying attention to outgoing paperwork is helpful to prevent identity theft.

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