There’s a New Identity Theft Scam in Town

The IRS Identity Theft Scam

Just when you think the slime-ball identity theft criminals couldn’t possibly think of another identity theft scam, they’ve come up with yet another one. With tax refund season here, the con artists are at it again and it’s up to consumers to protect themselves against the newest threat.

The Incentive

The IRS is giving you a refund, at least that’s what the email you receive states. The story is that you overlooked a tax deduction you were supposed to take and now they want to give you the money that’s rightfully yours. Yeah, right. Like the IRS is going to willingly point out a mistake made in your favor.

The Scam

The email states you’re getting some money back from the IRS and all you have to do is click the link and provide your personal details. When you click the link, this IRS scam email takes to you a web page that looks surprisingly official. The site asks for your name, your address, your social security number and other personal information.

The Problem

Well, the problem is that this is an identity theft scam, so the email isn’t really coming from the IRS. You’re not getting any extra money from the government. If you fill out the form, you’re just going to get a serious headache when your identity gets stolen. Do yourself a favor -- when you receive an email asking for personal information, don’t fall for it, no matter who the email supposedly comes from.

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