The Thieves Aren't The Only Ones Pulling Identity Theft Scams

Identity Theft Con Artists Are Getting Smarter

When you think of someone pulling an identity theft scam, you'll usually picture someone stealing someone else's identity for their own twisted purposes. Unfortunately, identity theft con artists encompass more than just the thieves.

Knowledge is Power

Many consumers worry about identity theft -- and rightfully so. It's a crime that affects millions. However, certain segments of society have a habit of profiting from the fears of others and those very people have latched onto the identity theft issue like a pack of pit bulls.

If you don't want to fall victim to someone who would profit from your identity theft fears, there are some things you need to know.

No One Can Make Guarantees

If someone tries getting you to sign up for their product or service by guaranteeing you that you won't fall victim to identity theft if you do so, then run in the other direction. Certain services, such as identity theft insurance and credit monitoring services, can mitigate the damage if you do become a victim, but no one can guarantee that your identity will never be stolen.

Watch Your Wallet

If you do become the victim of identity theft, think twice about paying for services that will help you "recoup" any losses you may have incurred. Some con artists target identity theft victims and say that "for a fee" they can help the victim recover their losses. This is almost always a scam. Never give out cash for a service like this.

The Typical Rule of Thumb

When it comes to identity theft products and services, keep it simple. Go with a good credit monitoring service and perhaps even an insurance policy. Most of the other services and products aren't worth the money.

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