The Emotional Effects of Identity Theft

Identity Theft Doesn’t Just Leave Financial Ramifications

When one thinks of the consequences of being the victim of identity theft, financial problems usually come to mind. However, the effects of identity theft don’t just play on our credit reports and our bank accounts, they also wreck havoc on our emotions. Don’t let identity theft run you through an emotional rollercoaster.

Raw Emotion

After you’ve been on the phone for hours with credit card companies, banks, merchants and credit bureaus, you’re likely to start feeling some negative emotions. Everything from depression to rage can begin to set in. It’s not unusual to have these feelings when you’re the victim of identity theft, but try not to give into the emotions that you’re feeling.

It’s important to work through your emotions. Talk them out with your family and friends. By talking about your emotions with those that you’re closest to, you’ll be better able to cope with your feelings. Remember that you’re not alone. Many people are the victims of identity theft and it was nothing that you did wrong. If you can’t seem to cope with the problems your identity theft has caused, you may want to consider hiring a counselor to talk to.

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