The Correlation between Crime, Public Records and Identity Theft

Is the Area In Which You Live Putting You at a Higher Risk of Identity Theft?

It has often been said that everyone is at an equal risk of identity theft regardless of where they live. That isn’t necessarily the case. A recent study conducted by an independent research company published statistics which indicate that a person’s residence can indeed affect their risk level of identity theft. So how does the area in which you live have anything to do with how much identity theft risk you assume? The answers may surprise you.

Public Records May be Too Public

Before the advent of the Internet a person would have to actually walk into a government office to request public records. That’s no longer the case and identity theft criminals have grown wise to this fact. Nowadays there are a number of counties and states that publish their public records right on the web. From criminal and civil cases to matters of divorce, getting a hold of these public records is sometimes as easy as the click of a mouse.

Not all areas have made their public records available as public databases on the Internet. However, if you live in an area that has, you’ll want to see exactly what information the records reveal about you. Remember, identity theft criminals can do a lot with information as simple as your name, address and birth date.

Drugs Are More than Just a Substance Problem

If the area in which you live has a problem with drugs, such as meth labs or a high incidence of dealers, you too may be at a higher risk of identity theft. Since identity theft has become such a lucrative crime in the past few years, drug users are now stealing people’s mail and using the statements and bills they find as payment for the drugs they want. The dealers who accept the bills and statements as payment then use the documents in identity theft scams.

If you live in an area where this is a problem, you might want to think about buying a mailbox with a lock. That way no one will get into your mail without you knowing about it.

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