Street-Side Mailboxes Can Lead to ID Theft

How Street-Side Mailboxes Can Lead to ID Theft

You’d like to think that everything in and around your home is safe and secure. For example, how many of us would stop and think that a having street-side mailbox could actually lead to ID theft? Believe it or not, ID theft criminals will trespass on the sanctity of your property and will use what they find to commit ID theft. Want to know how?

It All Starts with the Mail

Street-side mailboxes can be used for both sending and receiving mail. If you receive credit card statements or send out bill payments from a street-side mailbox, you’re at risk of being the victim of identity theft. In the middle of the night, it’s not uncommon for ID theft criminals to prowl through neighborhoods seeing what they can find in street-side mailboxes.

Protecting Yourself

If you want to avoid becoming the victim of street-side mailbox ID theft, you might want to consider getting a mailbox that locks. A locking mailbox is a surefire way to deter ID theft criminals who are prowling the neighborhood.

Also make sure that you don’t leave mail in the mailbox to be sent out. Putting up that little red flag to notify the mail carrier is also a notification to ID theft criminals that there might be some valuable information in your mailbox.

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