Sometimes You Can’t Protect Your Credit Card Information

When Credit Card Safety is Out of Your Hands

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you do what it takes to keep your credit card information safe. Unfortunately, the companies that you entrust with your credit card information may not be doing the same thing. Recently, 240,000 customers of discovered that their credit card information has been put at risk due to the fact that an auditor of the company had stored their credit card information on his laptop and that laptop was stolen out of his car. How can you ensure that the businesses you patronize don’t allow your credit card information to fall into the wrong hands?

One-Time-Use Credit Card Numbers

Many credit card companies are now offering their customers one-time use credit card numbers. If you want to make sure that your credit card information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, use one of these one-time-use credit card numbers whenever making an online purchase. This will ensure that even if credit card information is stolen from a company you’ve done business with, the credit card information the thieves have from you is absolutely worthless.

Only Do Business with Reputable Companies

When doing business online, only do business with reputable companies. Don’t get me wrong – even reputable companies can put your credit card information at risk. The recent fiasco mentioned earlier is proof enough of that. However, by only doing business with reputable and established companies, the chances of your credit card information being used for fraudulent purposes is greatly reduced.

If It Does Happen

If your credit card information does happen to become compromised, contact your credit card companies right away. You’re going to want to close your current accounts and reopen them with a different account number so the stolen credit cards will be of no use. Also make sure you place fraud alerts with the credit bureaus and keep a close eye on your credit reports in the months to come. Any suspicious activity should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage.

By taking a few precautions and playing it safe, you can make sure your credit card information is safe, even if you’re the only one determined to keep it that way.

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