Reducing Identity Theft by Internet-Based GPS Tracking Software

Stolen Laptops are a Gold Mine for Identity Theft Criminals

A recent news article touted the benefits of GPS tracking for reducing identity theft risk. Most of us are familiar with GPS tracking as a way to make our traveling much easier. However GPS tracking can actually help reduce our risk of identity theft.

GPS Isn't Just For Cars

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has suggested that GPS tracking is one way to deter identity theft criminals. MyLaptopGPS is a company that offers software that can track a laptop computer through an internet form of GPS tracking. This can be helpful for preventing identity theft and would have been a useful thing to have in the recent identity theft cases that made headlines.

I read about a hospital employee who used a laptop for work at home, and the laptop was stolen along with all the personal information of the patients whose accounts were on that laptop. GPS tracking software would have prevented the identity theft criminal from being able to retrieve this information from the stolen computer.

The Technical Stuff

You may be asking how does this work. MyLaptopGPS gives you the piece of mind whenever your laptop gets stolen. In the event that your laptop is stolen, you would notify MyLaptopGPS immediately. The company will take immediate action to retrieve your stolen laptop. This can drastically reduce the risk of identity theft that often occurs because of a stolen laptop.

The specialized software will allow authorities to find a stolen laptop and the criminals responsible through GPS satellites. The police have their own GPS tracking devices to find the exact location of the laptop. They could literally be on the scene in minutes.

Another great technical feature of MyLaptopGPS is the ability to remove your sensitive information from your laptop after it is stolen. Using the internet and MyLaptopGPS technology, the sensitive files from your computer will be sent via email to you. Then, those files on your stolen laptop will be deleted. Therefore, the criminal will not get your sensitive data, and your work will not be lost on your laptop which can go a long way to preventing identity theft.

You should take any preventative measures available to you in order to prevent identity theft. The cost and time involved in clearing your name after you’ve become the victim of identity theft can be very significant. It only takes a minimal amount of effort to have some preventative measures in place. For a laptop, MyLaptopGPS provides and excellent solution to the growing problem of identity theft.

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