Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft This Holiday Season

Identity Theft Reduction Tips

If you’re concerned about identity theft, then you need to know about shoulder surfing. The term conjures up images of the ocean or perhaps Internet surfing, but shoulder surfing is a much more serious concept. Shoulder surfing is one way that identity theft criminals can get the information they need from you to commit identity theft.

Who's Looking Over Your Shoulder?

You always need to be cautious when you are shopping and are ready to pay for your purchases. Identity theft criminals shoulder surf, by peering over the shoulder of the customer ahead of them in line. They are able to see your credit card number or the pin you enter when you swipe your debit card. Always pay attention to your surroundings when you are out shopping.

Just Because They Work There...

Even a store worker could be an identity criminal, so always be alert. You may want to take a quick glance behind the counter because the adjacent register clerk could capture your credit card information. Conceal your credit card under your hand so that other shoppers can’t see your credit card number when you are waiting in line to make a purchase.

Take The Path Less Traveled

When inside a store, choose the checkout line that has the least amount of shoppers in order to reduce your risk of identity theft. Quite often this will be the self checkout lines. These lines typically have one longer waiting line until one of the self checkout kiosks becomes available. In most retail stores, the self checkout lines will be the most private for the consumers.

Shoulder surfing is much more likely to occur during the busy holiday shopping season. Stores are very crowded, and consumers are usually not as observant. If possible, you might even want to avoid using your credit card when you are shopping this holiday season. The less you use your credit card, the lower your risk of identity theft will be.

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