Reduce Your Identity Theft Risk This Season

Identity Theft and Holiday Shopping

It’s almost time to begin holiday shopping, and millions of Americans use credit cards to make their holiday purchases. If you’re among those millions, the following identity theft tips will help you prevent identity theft this holiday season. Before you shop, read our identity theft tips.

Ready, Set, Shop

The holidays are chaotic as it is. Between preparing holiday meals and making travel arrangements, things can get pretty confusing. If you can streamline your holiday shopping, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. And we’ve got just the tips to make your holiday shopping easier and hopefully reduce your identity theft risk.

Less is Better

Try to limit the number of credit cards you use. You’ll want to keep a close eye on your credit card statements during this time of year, and if you use several credit cards, it will be that much harder to track all your purchases.

Pick a credit card that gives you a nice cash incentive and bonus and try to make all your holiday purchases on that one credit card. Then keep a close eye on that credit card statement throughout the New Year. Report any suspicious activity to your credit card company immediately.

Diligence Pays Off

Make sure you keep all your credit card receipts for every single holiday purchase that you make. Then when your monthly credit card statement arrives, make sure the charges match the receipts. When you are ready to throw away your credit card receipts from all your holiday purchases, make sure you shred them first.

Always make sure you double check the counter and floor after you make a purchase. If you drop your credit card accidentally, you’ll notice rather than driving home and discovering it later.

Do some of your holiday shopping online too, so you don’t get overwhelmed with standing in long checkout lines. If you’re preoccupied, you’ll most likely do something that an identity theft criminal can capitalize on.

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