Quick and Easy Identity Theft Prevention

Easy Ways To Practice Routine Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft prevention should be on everyone’s to-do list. Keeping criminals away from your sensitive personal and financial information should be a high priority. If you are looking for ways to facilitate identity theft prevention and keep your sensitive information safe, read on…

Don’t Be So Anxious To Dispose of Your Garbage

There are several things that you can do to assist with identity theft prevention. One common mistake many homeowners are guilty of is putting their trash out too soon. In order to limit the opportunity for an identity theft criminal to have access to your garbage, which may contain discarded credit card or bank statements, wait to put your garbage out until the morning your garbage is scheduled to be picked up. Many people put their garbage out the night before, but that can provide identity theft criminals with the perfect opportunity to rummage through it. Garbage night can be like a field day for identity theft criminals.

Watch Your Mail

If your mail is left in the mailbox for more than a few hours after delivery, you might want to consider installing a lock on your mailbox or purchasing a mailbox with a built-in locking feature. A mailbox filled with newly-delivered mail can be a treasure chest for identity theft criminals. Think of all the credit card offers and bank statements that they can easily get their hands on if they get to your mail before you do. While you might notice if your bank statement was missing, you would never notice a missing credit card offer that was sent unsolicited. Identity theft prevention needs to be addressed both inside and outside of your home.

Don’t Count on Your Neighbors

Don’t be lenient about identity theft prevention. Also, don’t assume that your neighbors will notice if someone is accessing your mailbox. People can get very busy throughout the day, and blindly assuming you live in a safe neighborhood puts you at greater risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Keep the above suggestions in mind in order to reduce your risk of identity theft. With common sense and a bit of precaution, you can avoid becoming a victim of identity theft and it goes without saying that identity theft prevention is well worth the effort.

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