Protect Yourself -- Prevent Identity Theft by Understanding Crimeware

Understanding crimeware is your first step to prevent identity theft

To stay safe and prevent identity theft, there are certain terms you must understand. Crimeware is one of those terms. Learn what crimeware is, how it can affect you, and how to prevent identity theft.

What is crimeware?

Crimeware is a type of malware cybercriminals use to steal the identity of unsuspecting Internet users. This type of computer crime is much more malicious than basic identity theft.

Thieves gain access to your credit card information, passwords, and bank accounts numbers. Once they have this information, they build more complex attacks that include silent back-door withdrawals to drain your accounts. Or, they make fake debit cards to access your account.

What makes crimeware different from other computer crimes is that the criminals have automated their techniques. When it comes to this type of computer crime, these thieves aren't playing around but have developed an efficient system to attack victims or entire networks.

How does this affect me?

Cybercriminals can steal your information in many different ways including installing keystroke loggers on your system. Once they have this in place, they steal your passwords and wait for you to log into your account to drain it of all money.

They can also control your Internet surfing activities by redirecting your searchers to counterfeit sites and steal your personal information there.

What can I do?

You can be susceptible to crimeware in one of two ways. You can either open infected attachments sent to you by cyber criminals or you can become infected by a computer worm sent through an organization.

To avoid crimeware, visit only trusted and reputable sites. Never open email or attachments sent by unknown senders. Never click on hyperlinks sent to you through email.

In addition to the above methods of preventing crimeware, install an up-to-date anti-virus software on your computer. Check with your anti-virus provider to be sure you have protection from not only Internet-base viruses but also client-based viruses.

As cyber criminals become advanced keeping your identity safe becomes more difficult. But not impossible. Follow these suggestions and prevent identity theft today.

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