Preventing Identity Theft This Holiday Season

Helpful Hints to Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

This holiday season you will undoubtedly be so busy that identity theft might be the farthest concern from your mind. Now, however, is not the time of year when you can slack off taking routine steps that can reduce your risk of identity theft. Now is actually the time when you have to be more concerned. The holidays provide a great time for identity theft criminals to get all the information they need to commit identity theft, and there are several ways that identity theft can occur as a result of all the distractions we experience during the holiday season.

Too Much on The Mind

During the holiday season, consumers are busy which can lead to forgetfulness. If you are planning to go away for the holidays, you will absolutely have to make sure you tell the Post Office to put a hold on your mail. If you forget to take this important step, you will come back to an overflowing mailbox. A full mailbox can be a gold mine for identity theft criminals. Although computers can be a common way to commit identity theft, criminals also get a lot of information from stealing mail, either discarded mail or mail you never even got the chance to open. Any time you will be away from home you should let the Post Office know. When you get home, you can resume your mail service and not have to worry about someone going through your mailbox while you are away.

Who's Surfing Your Shoulder?

Shoulder surfing is one way identity theft criminals get the information they need. Criminals will peer over the shoulder of a distracted holiday shopper to get a glimpse of the credit card the shopper is holding. Also, always make sure you put your credit card right back into your purse after using it. If you are distracted, you might walk off without it or drop it without realizing especially if you are one of those shoppers that carries it in their hand or tucks it into a loose coat pocket.

This holiday season keep the above tips in mind to reduce your risk of identity theft. The holidays should be enjoyable and relaxing, and becoming the victim of identity theft would certainly put a damper on your holiday celebration.

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