Prevent Identity Theft with Some Helpful Tips

Do You Know How to Prevent Identity Theft When You’re Away from Home?

If you are planning to be away from your house for any prolonged period of time, then there are certain things you need to do beforehand in order to prevent identity theft. Many people tend to focus on mail and newspaper delivery before they leave home, but there are other important issues to consider. It’s certainly important to not forget to put a hold on your mail and newspaper delivery, however there are some other identity theft prevention tips that aren’t directly related to identity theft but can still impact your risk. If you want to learn more about how to prevent identity theft when you’re away from home, you’ll learn just how below.

A Prime Target?

When you are going to be away from home on vacation or even just for a few nights you need to consider how your house might look to potential criminals. Obviously, you will want to reduce your risk of a robbery when you are away from home. Fortunately, steps that can prevent a burglary can also provide a valuable way to prevent identity theft.

When you are going away from home, you will need to provide the illusion that you are at home in case a criminal is watching your house. This can go a long way to prevent identity theft. You might consider installing timed light switches that will go on at a particular time each night.

If your house has no lights on for one or more nights in a row that can be a tip-off to potential criminals that no one is at home. You definitely want to make it look as though you are home even when you aren’t. Once a burglar gets in your house anything is fair game including treasured possessions, family heirlooms, expensive entertainment equipment, and, of course, your social security number and bank account numbers.

Another important consideration to prevent identity theft while you are away for home is lawn and outdoor maintenance. If you plan a winter vacation, and it snows, the snow buildup will be a clear sign to a criminal that you are not at home. Make arrangements before you leave to have someone clean your snow in the winter or mow your lawn in the summer.

Plan Ahead

In the few weeks before you leave, don’t place any online or mail orders. This will prevent you from receiving a package when you aren’t home. Keep in mind that if you do have any shipments arriving you will have to make arrangements to have someone pick them up. An invoice inside of an unattended package can be a gold mine for identity theft criminals because it usually contains credit card information. Prevent identity theft by following the above tips the next time you’re headed out of town.


Nice very interesting, i think that planning ahead is one of the best tips that you have listed

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