Facebook Phishing: A New Social Phenomenon

For the last decade, phishing has become an increasingly troublesome aspect of the internet. With the advent of social networking websites like Facebook, it was only natural that identity thieves take advantage of the phenomenon. Unfortunately, many of us structure...

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Phishing News

Chances are you're familiar with phishing. Phishing is all about email scams: schemes to get money and personal information from unsuspecting strangers. The problem is that even if you think you know how to stop phishing, you're probably not caught...

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Have You Been Phishing Lately?

What do you do when you get a phishing email? Delete it? Ignore it? Mark it as spam? Well, you're on the right track as far as staying safe and not falling victim to identity theft, but you can do...

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Search Engine Phishing -- What You Need to Know

Most computer savvy people know about phishing, how it steals identities and wreaks havoc with your personal finances and credit ratings. To prevent phishing, it pays to know the different types. Search engine phishing is one of the most commonly...

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Identity Theft - Don't Let the Dancing Pigs Fool You

Dancing pigs and identity theft -- what could the two possibly have in common? As unlikely as it sounds, these two really are related. Learn how Internet users chose dancing pigs instead of staying safe on the Internet....

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Careful! Don't Tweet Your Way to Identity Theft

When it comes to identity theft, there's always something new. The one predictable thing about identity theft is... it's unpredictable. You think you know what identity thieves are up to and then they pop up with some new angle or...

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Protect Yourself from Fraud

There's more and more fraud out there. Identity thieves have figured out all sorts of ways to take advantage of computerized information. And if you're not careful, you could easily find yourself a victim. Even the most scrupulous individual --...

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Don't Get Caught by This Bank Phishing Scam

Identity theft and phishing thieves are getting smarter by the day. Thieves know to take advantage of every situation and use it to their advantage. That's exactly what they're doing with the latest phishing scam that in costing Americans millions...

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Texting and Phishing -- A Dangerous Combination

Admit it, identity thieves, especially those involved in phishing, are creative. They stop at nothing, steal your personal information and use your identity to their advantage. Another area of your life they discovered to encroach upon, deceive you, and get...

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Let Your Browser Protect You Against Phishing

Phishing and surfing go hand in hand. How? While you are surfing the Internet looking for information, thieves are lurking in the background, waiting for you to visit one of their attack sites, so they can steal your precious, personal...

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Protect Yourself -- Learn to Identify Phishing

Don't fall prey to identity theft! Protect yourself, learn the signs to identify phishing There are predators out there phishing for your personal information. By learning to identify phishing, you can protect yourself, but you have to know the signs....

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Phishing For Your Identity

A Crash Course Phishing Education Phishing is a relatively simple way for identity thieves to steal your personal and financial information. With little effort, identity thieves can disseminate phishing e-mails to millions of recipients; even if only a few respond,...

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Can Using Paypal Lead to Identity Theft?

Tips for Using Paypal Without Putting Yourself At Risk of Identity Theft Paypal is a popular service that people use to send and receive payments online. Lately, however, it seems that more and more consumers are worried about Paypal being...

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Identity Theft Criminals Are Phishing for Information.

Phishing Tactics and Techniques Explained Phishing... It sounds like a strange word, and when most of us hear the word phishing we’re instantly reminded of the image of an outdoorsman in spring taking to the waters in search of trout....

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Are You a Victim of Phishing?

Phishing Can Lead to Identity Theft If you’ve ever received an email asking you for personal information or leading you to a website that requests your personal information, you very well may have been a victim of a phishing scam....

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