Ordering Delivery May Lead to Credit Card Theft

Think About Credit Card Theft before Ordering Delivery

When you order dinner and ask for delivery, you may be tempted to pay for it with a credit card. The problem is, most people don’t realize that ordering delivery and paying for it over the phone via credit card can actually lead to credit card theft.

Breaking the Golden Rule

Everyone knows that to avoid credit card theft, they’re not supposed to give their credit card numbers over the phone. However, many of us are all too willing to break that sacred rule when it comes to ordering dinner for delivery. Your local pizza joint, the Chinese takeout place across town -- we’re all too willing to give these people our credit card information over the phone. Unfortunately, this can lead to credit card theft.

Ask yourself, how well do you really know the person taking your order over the phone. Should you really trust them with your credit card information? While the chances that they’ll use your credit card number and commit credit card theft are slim, the chance is still there and you need to ask yourself if that’s a chance you’re really willing to take.

To keep yourself protected, pay for delivery with cash, not with a credit card. This will help you avoid credit card theft.

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