Online Surveys and Identity Theft

Can Online Surveys Lead to Identity Theft?

There are a number of companies performing online surveys nowadays, but can these online surveys lead to identity theft? While the initial online surveys themselves don’t often lead to identity theft, the end result may surprise you.

Be Careful What Information You Give

While an online survey isn’t going to come right out and ask you for your security card number, they may ask other more innocent questions such as do you have a Visa or Mastercard? What is your birth date? What is your address? When being asked questions in an online survey, be careful what you answer -- the information may just be for sale.

Information for Sale

Many online survey companies are willing to sell the information they gather to the highest bidder. That means if an identity theft thief wants some information on you, all they have to do is pay the price. Then they can call you, knowing your name, birth date, etc. and try to get even more information from you.

So a word to the wise, don’t fill out an online survey unless you know the company gathering the information and you know their privacy policies.


I had to change my user id & password today at Chase Bank online.I got an e-mail from what I thought was them(the links worked & everything)offering $20 for a short survey.I logged in using my password & ID,but when it started to ask things like my atm card #,etc. I immediately called the bank.They said it was a fraud that stole their webpages & links and I was intstructed to go, while I was on the phone with them, to their legitimate website and change my user ID & password.Hopefully,everything`s ok now.

Watch out for Africa scam from "Nicki Stewart." It's a dandy??

I've been filling out surveys for a few years. I have started to notice that after filling out some, that I will start getting spam, that is related to a survey that was recently done. Such as, if a survey is about sleep problems, I will get spam for sleep aids. This is just one example. I do believe, that I am going to quit doing surveys, because of excess spam.

THANK YOU for these words of wisdom!

I hear you. I fell victim to this same scam back in January, and had to change my ATM card, and passwords. Yeah, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, so be careful! These scammers are getting smarter all the time!

I have been filling out surveys for many years. I find that they are mostly legitimate but have chosen my survey links very carefully. If they ask for any personal information which I am uncomfortable giving I don't give it to them and get out of their site. A few good ones are and There are some others which are also good like and which don't give me problems. is also good. I enjoy taking surveys and have a desire to help manufacturers improve their products for our use. It is good to have your voice heard.

I have been snuckered into filling out surveys with the taunt that by filling out the survey I can be eligible for a prize. What isn't said up front is that you need to buy something in order to become eligible. This is a way to get information from you for free, or in order to get sensitive information that could be costly. It might be a good policy for people to keep their opinions to themselves. If Survey promoters want to be successful they should say up front what is required or more and more people will not give their opinions about issues or preferences because it can be a waste of time.

Thanks for keeping us straight! I also do many online surveys and have never won a prize in a drawing but have had some products mailed to me (free of charge) to sample and give feedback after several days. That is a legitimate survey. And I have received a couple of small checks (ex: $5.00 and $10.00) for qualifying in specific surveys. If any one could, I'd appreciate them posting any survey sites that they found to be frauds.

NPD Panel is a good one. I won a $500 IPOD in their drawing.

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