Online Shopping and Identity Theft

How to Decrease Your Risk of Identity Theft When Shopping Online

The Internet has presented an entirely new way of shopping, and most of us have grown to love it (maybe even more than we should). If you shop online a lot, you need to take special precautions to avoid identity theft. It is important to be vigilant about safeguarding your credit card numbers. The risk of identity theft always exists, especially when an online transaction is involved.

Check for Secure Websites

Check with online merchants that you have bought from or are considering buying from. Many online websites nowadays have secure shopping which means that your personal information is safe while it is in transit to their website. Nothing is fool-proof obviously and there is always the risk of identity theft no matter how cautious you are, but you definitely don’t want to make it too easy for an identity theft criminal to steal your personal information.

If you are shopping online and you are attempting to place an order, you might be confused if you get a message that says the information you are transmitting might be transferred to a site that is not secure. If this happens, it is generally a good idea to decline the transaction. While shopping online is very convenient, you definitely don’t want to shop online if it means that you are putting yourself at risk for possible identity theft. If a website doesn’t have “https” instead of just “http” in front of the URL, then it’s not secure.

What Do They Do With Your Information?

Eight times out of ten shopping-related identity theft has nothing to do with the actual transaction process. Instead, criminals tend to target websites that store their customers’ credit card information. The identity theft criminals hack into the business’s website and steal all of the customer information that has been stored. Because of this, you will want to make sure any websites you do business with don’t actually keep your information on file.

By taking proper precautionary measures and looking into these two issues, you can help ensure that your online shopping experiences don’t turn into identity theft nightmares.

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