Online Job Seekers at Risk of Identity Theft

If You’re Looking for an Online Job, Be Wary of Identity Theft

If you’re looking for a job online, you have more to worry about than whether or not you’re going to get that pivotal interview or land your dream job. There are people out there looking at your resume and the last thing on their minds is offering you a job. If you want to protect yourself, you’re going to want to follow our advice.

Be Careful What You Put On Your Resume

Be very, very careful as to what you post on your online resume. Way too many people post way too much personal information. When posting an online resume, there is no reason give out your home address. An email address and phone number will suffice just as well.

Think about it, if you’re an identity theft criminal a resume will give you access to a person’s name, address, phone number and work history. There’s a lot that they can do with that information.

Be Careful Who You Respond To

When someone contacts you about a job, be careful what information you give them --especially if it’s someone who you didn’t specifically apply with. If they start asking for things like your birth date or your social security number, end the conversation. There’s no reason an employer would need that information before even hiring you.

Just remember, while you may be in serious need of a job, there’s no reason to put your identity at risk of being stolen.

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