One Simple Way to Prevent Identity Theft

Prevent identity theft, protect your identity, and save your credit in one easy step

It is an ongoing battle to prevent identity theft. It often feels like we have to take many steps to protect our identity and save our credit. There are many things you can do to keep your identity safe, but did you know that by doing this one simple thing you can stop identity theft in its tracks?

Identity theft and your credit card

The onslaught of thieves trying to steal your identity never ends and it takes staying on top of the latest news to keep your identity safe. With all of the steps we much take to protect our identities, it's easy to get overwhelmed and have the attitude of facing it when it happens.

If you've reached that point, don't give up. With this one simple step, you can prevent the theft of your identity and your ruined credit. Just what is this step? Easy. Take advantage of online banking and credit card statements. You will not only have the convenience of making payments online; you'll also be able to see in "real time" if anyone has accessed your accounts.

This happened to me just last week. I check my bank account and credit card account once every week. Imagine my shock when I checked my credit card statement to make a payment and found that someone had made charges to my account.

Because I am faithful in checking my accounts weekly, I found the credit card fraud while the charges were still processing. With a quick call to my credit card company, I had the account closed in five minutes, talked to the fraud department, had an affidavit on the way for me to sign saying I didn't make the charges and a new credit card. Pretty cool. The charges made to my account were close to $1000. Within minutes, my credit card company handled the situation, saving my identity and my credit.

Take advantage of these conveniences that your credit card and bank offer. Be faithful in checking them regularly and it will go a long way toward helping you prevent identity theft.

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