New Years Resolutions For Identity Theft Prevention

Let's Work on Identity Theft Prevention in the New Year

Okay, it's not even Christmas yet so why am I talking about New Year's resolutions for identity theft prevention? Because when it comes to identity theft, it's never too early to get a head start. After all, you can bet the crooks aren't sitting on their laurels. Why should you? If you don't have the following identity theft prevention tools in place yet, make a resolution to do so for the new year.

A Shredder

I don't want a single home to be without a paper shredder this year. After all, paper shredders are one of the biggest enemies the identity theft crooks have. And not just any shredder will do! Make sure it's a cross-cut or "confetti" shredder.

A Locking Mailbox

If you live in an area with street-side mailboxes, make sure your mailbox is a locking one. Identity theft cretins just love secluded roads with open mailboxes ripe for the picking. If you don't want to be a victim, get a mailbox that locks.

Security Software

You're reading this blog so you obviously connect to the Web. If you don't have anti-spyware software running on your PC, you're in trouble. You don't even want to know half the spyware threats that lurk the Internet. Make sure you're protected with comprehensive security software.

So there you have it - some resolutions for the New Year. According to the FTC identity theft crimes are on the decrease. Let's keep up that downward trend with some serious identity theft prevention planning for 2008.

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