New Identity Theft Laws Coming Into Play

A Recent New York Law That Fights Identity Theft

Identity theft has definitely been more prevalent in recent years, and some state legislatures have recognized the need to pass laws that are aimed at reducing the crime. Fortunately for New York residents, it is one of the states working to fight identity theft and giving consumers the power to do the same.

Attention New York: You Can Freeze Your Credit!

New York recently passed a law that protects New York consumers by giving them the authority to block access to their credit information. Prior to this law, banks and credit card companies were allowed access to credit reports even if they didn’t have the written consent of the individuals whose reports were being accessed. That’s all being changed. Consumers can now “freeze” their credit reports, which would block anyone from accessing their credit reports -- including the banks and credit card companies.

How Does it Help?

This law provides an extra measure of security and further minimizes consumers’ vulnerability to identity theft. If you consider that identity theft is expected to continue to rise over the next few years, this new law can be incredibly valuable to consumers and make them less vulnerable to identity theft. There have been nearly two dozen other states that have already passed similar legislation to protect consumers from identity theft criminals, and hopefully more states will follow this trend.

Your State Isn’t In On The Game?

Even if your state doesn’t have a law similar to this which can reduce your risk of identity theft, you can still try to reduce your risk of identity theft on your own. Remember to safeguard your social security number and keep your personal and financial information private.

The recent law that New York passed will go a long way towards assisting victims of identity theft and reducing consumers’ further risk of identity theft. Ideally, more states will carefully consider identity theft for the threat that it is and pass similar legislation aimed at protecting consumers.

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