More on Identity Theft and Illegal Immigration

Proof that Illegal Immigration Does Impact Identity Theft

A while back we wrote about illegal immigration and how it affects identity theft. It was quite a hot-button topic. Some were so adamant about the rights of illegal aliens that they didn't look at the article for what it was -- information on how illegal immigration affects identity theft. Others said we had no proof that illegal immigrants commit identity theft and that we were speculating. Well, my friends, the proof is in the pudding and the truth has been exposed.

A REAL Identity Theft Crime

No, we didn't reference any actual cases when we previously wrote about identity theft and illegal immigration. Well, I hate to say we told you so -- but we did indeed tell you so. Just this week a woman in Bensenville, Illinois was arrested as a part of an identity theft racket. It appears this woman was selling fake social security cards to illegal immigrants so they could assume the identities of real US citizens.

How Bad Is It?

So, how bad is the situation really? Is it just one or two illegal immigrants using someone else's social security number to get by in this country? Unfortunately, it's not just a few -- it's millions.

To give you an idea of how deeply illegal immigration impacts identity theft, a recent report by MSNBC stated that more than 9 million people pay taxes using the wrong social security number. Yes, some of those are probably just clerical errors, but say even a slim 25 percent of them are due to identity theft -- that means 2.25 million illegal immigrants are using someone else's social security number so they can work in the United States.

It's Not Politics or Prejudice

So here's the facts -- our feelings about illegal immigration in regards to identity theft have absolutely nothing to do with politics or prejudice. It's all about cold hard facts and fighting identity theft on every front.

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