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Avoiding Identity Theft

Identity theft can happen to anyone. There are definitely some things that can increase your risk of identity theft. I’ve written many articles on here to keep you well informed about the possible ways you can become a victim of identity theft. Another important piece of the puzzle is to keep current on any recent identity theft stories in the news.

Red Alert

I’ve written before on how filling out a store credit card application is not a good idea. Your completed application will sit at the register until the night is over, and you just never know who can get access to it. A customer might need the cashier to help them with a purchase, and an identity theft criminal can quietly peek at your information that is sitting behind the cash register. Also, consider other possible scenarios that can happen. An identity theft criminal can bribe a cashier to provide them with customers’ financial information. That's not to say that all cashier's would accept a bribe. In fact, most cashiers are honest and hard-working individuals -- but even if there's just one out of one thousand who are on the take, you might end up giving your info to the bad one.

It's An Increasing Crime

You can’t seem to go more than a few days before hearing another identity theft story in the news. According to the Morgan Hill Times, in California three people were arrested for what police believe is an identity theft ring. The ring was using a hotel room to carry out their illegal activities. Now investigators involved in the case are trying to determine how many victims there are either via mail theft or identity theft. Although they have determined some identity theft victims so far, they expect to find more victims as the investigation progresses.

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