More Common Identity Theft Techniques

Identity Theft Techniques Used To Get Your Credit Card Information

When it comes to protecting yourself from identity theft, it’s important that you understand the techniques that identity theft criminals use to steal your personal information. One of the things that identity theft criminals go after most often is credit card numbers. We’re highlighting some of the most common ways identity theft thieves get your credit card numbers so you’ll know what to look for.

Fake Web Pages

It is not uncommon for identity theft thieves to put up fake web pages and pose as legitimate businesses. The problem is, these sites aren’t legitimate businesses and they’ll use the information you enter on their site for identity theft purposes. In order to protect yourself, make sure you only do online business with reputable and established companies.

Sales Clerks Can Be Identity Theft Thieves Too

Just because a person is working in a store you frequent doesn’t mean that you should trust them with your credit card information. If you see a sales clerk copying or noting down your credit card information, report it immediately to the management.

Risks at Restaurants

When dining at a restaurant, it’s not uncommon to give your credit card to your server and wait for him or her to process your transaction and bring your card back to you. It’s never a good idea to let your credit card out of your site. You never know when someone is going to note down your credit card information for identity theft purposes.

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