Michigan Struck By Identity Theft

Michigan is Ranked 16th for Identity Theft

Recently there have been a number of arrests made in Michigan involving identity theft. Images of identity theft criminals just don't coincide with the peaceful, serene vision that usually comes to mind when we think of the state. Unfortunately, like all other states, Michigan too has become victim to an increasing number of identity theft crimes.

A Recent Identity Theft Attack In Michigan

Two cell phone stores located in Detroit were the subject of investigation recently. Investigators believed that the owners of the stores were committing identity theft. Essentially, the store owners allegedly bought cell phones using their customers’ identity. Police believe the cell phones were shipped to individuals overseas and sold there. The estimated losses that resulted from this scam totaled more than $2 million.

Abandon Our Cell Phones?

Buying a cell phone is not necessarily going to result in identity theft, but this case should remind us of how important it is to be vigilant about identity theft and to safeguard our important personal and financial information. Remember, identity theft can occur at any time to anyone, and keeping a close eye on our bank accounts and credit card statements, along with checking our credit reports annually, are excellent ways to determine whether or not we've become one of the many victims.

Identity Theft By State

The fate of the alleged identity theft criminals in this Michigan case has yet to be decided, but identity theft can carry a sentence of up to seven years. Michigan actually ranks 16th for identity theft in the entire United States. Border states tend to rank high in terms of identity theft, and Michigan is a border state touching neighboring Canada. Arizona, Nevada, and California are the three states ranked highest for identity theft. States with a large population also tend to rank high for identity theft. South Dakota ranks lowest for identity theft.

You should continue your usual routine steps to reduce your risk of identity theft whether or not you live in Michigan. Continue to shred important financial documents and other paperwork containing sensitive personal information. Your best defense against identity theft is to remain attentive, so keep up your efforts.

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