Maybe Now That Identity Theft Is Impacting the Rich...

Will Identity Theft Be Taken More Seriously Now?

Sometimes, in today's world, the little guy can get stepped on for eternity and no one steps up and takes notice, but as soon as it happens to the big guns, everyone is up in arms. The same may be true for identity theft. Identity theft laws and crack-downs, while improving, are definitely not where they should be. Maybe now that the 400 richest millionaires in America were made targets, the powers that be will stand up and take notice.

The Who's Who of Identity Theft Victims

Being named by Forbes as one of America's top 400 millionaires would be considered a dream come true to most of us, but for those who actually make up the list it turned into an all-out nightmare. An identity theft criminal decided to target those very same people and stole $1.5 million from them.

You'd think with a take like $1.5 million the guy would have disappeared and gone into hiding. Well, in the true spirit of identity theft crime, there's no such thing as too much and intelligence doesn't always play into the equation. After getting away with the $1.5 mil, the guy decided to try to steal another $10.7 million.

It Wasn't a Credit Scam

What makes this identity theft crime worse than many is that this didn't involve fraudulent credit accounts that could be cleared up by naming them as such and denying responsibility for them. This identity theft crime involved actually selling assets that belonged to the victims and withdrawing money from personal accounts.

What If It Would Have Been Less?

Now, you have to imagine that the police were all over this case. After all, millions were going missing. But what would have happened if it were $1,000 instead of $1 million? Perhaps nothing -- and that's the sad thing.

There need to be laws, regulations and procedures in place that protect all of us from identity theft -- not just the wealthy. Perhaps this is a wakeup call in regards to identity theft prevention. However, we still need that wakeup call that makes the lawmakers realize that identity theft, no matter how big or how small, is still a horrid violation of one's life and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

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