Make Your Resolution Identity Protection

Remembering The Easiest Ways To Protect Your Identity

You've made it past Christmas and New Years is just a skip away, now more than ever, you need to be aware of what you can do to insure that your identity remains your own. The fact is most of what you have bought this holiday season is probably not technically paid for and what you have paid for is listed on tiny pieces of paper all over the place. These means that you will need to take special care in the coming days to ensure that your identity remains your own.

Credit Card Statements

Credit card statements are something that many of us tend to take for granted. They appear in the mail and it is a matter of just looking at that amount on the bottom line and sending in the payment. However, this time of year more than any other you should be looking at all of the entries. The reason being that it would be very easy for someone to make use of your credit card number and you would not even know it. If you think about how many times you have used your card this holiday season you would see that this only makes good sense. This is one of the easiest and essential steps to protecting our identity. In other words, you don't know if you have a problem if you are not looking.


Receipts are those wondrous pieces of paper that catalog all of our expenditures one tiny little slip at a time. The problem with these little items is that sometimes they contain key pieces of information. This information in the wrong hands can be used to reek havoc for their owners. For example your receipt can have information such as your signature, the ending digits of your credit card and your credit cards expiration date. All of this information can be used as a stepping stone to building a profile that could eventually be used to steal you identity. Because of this receipts should be stored in a safe place until they are no longer needed. Once they are not needed they should be destroyed.

Remembering to use these few simple steps can go a long way in safeguarding your identity. The most important part is actually making sure that they are done because you will only be benefiting yourself in the long run.

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