Let’s Take Computer Security To The Next Level

Another Great Computer Security Tool

Luckily, someone out there is looking out for our best interests and is working to create bigger and better computer security tools. I know I’ve told you to make sure you use antivirus software, an anti-spyware program and a firewall. Now I’m adding one more computer tool to that arsenal.

The Next Big Thing In Data Security

Okay, you have your antivirus, your firewall and your spyware protector in place. What if someone still manages to break down your defenses and get into your system? Thankfully, a company by the name of StompSoft has provided a solution to the dilemma… Simply encrypt your files.

StompSoft’s Digital Vault software will encrypt your files, folders, email AND USB drives in addition to performing other data-protection functions. How’s that for computer security? If you want your computer armed to the gills, you want this software installed on your system.

Try It Free

You know I don’t believe in having you spend your money without you being able to know exactly what you’re getting. That’s one of the reasons I highly recommend Digital Vault. StompSoft offers a free demo and if you decide to buy the software, it’s really inexpensive to purchase. You can download Digital Vault at the StompSoft website.

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