Let’s Hold Someone Accountable For Identity Theft

Who Says We Can’t Fight Back When Identity Theft Rears Its Ugly Head?

As someone who thinks of identity theft cretins as less than the maggots in the dung left behind by a horse, I will admit I get quite riled up when I think about the many forms of identity theft that happen each and every day. However, the cases of identity theft that really irk me the most are the ones that could have been prevented by financial institutions. For example, those who have had checking accounts opened under their social security numbers, but with a different name. We all know the bank could have prevented that had they bothered to check the social security number with a credit check or some other verification means. I say it’s time to fight back.

Take A Stand

Many of you know it happened to me -- I went to open a checking account and was told I couldn’t because I supposedly had a history of writing bad checks. However, the name associated with that ChexSystems report was not my own – it was someone else’s name and that person had used my social security number. To me, the banks who gave the criminal the bank accounts without verifying that the social security number was actually his are the ones who should be held responsible. Instead of whining about it – I’m going to do something about it.

Let’s Put Our Legal System To Good Use

While it can sometimes be irritating that our legal system allows anyone to sue anyone else for absolutely any reason, it can actually come in handy in situations like this. Do I believe in taking businesses to court over hot coffee? No. However, now that I see how many people, including myself, are being put through you-know-what because of the lax policies of financial institutions, it’s time to teach those institutions a lesson.

I’m personally going to sue the banks that let the person open the accounts with my social security number. Yes, it will take a bit of money and some time, but if everyone were to do this, don’t you think the financial institutions would get sick and tired of being sued and would start to change policies? I think by working together and letting companies know we’re not going to take it anymore, we can finally get something done about this mess.


I agree whole heartedly. You might also contact the Federal Comptroller and explain your situation. They regulate the banks. Tell them your good name is ruined because this particular bank opened an account in your name to someone who obviously did not provide proper I.D..

For future reference, when you open an account. Put a note on your file that no one can take money out without showing I.D. and also request a password that ISN'T your mothers maiden name.

Last but not least, contact your Congressman and Senators and demand the right to FREEZE your credit report so no one else can do this ever again.

There is a bill in the house right now that will take away this right to those few states (20) that have this law.

Good luck.

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