Let Our Gifts Prevent Identity Theft This Holiday Season

Gifts That Help Prevent Identity Theft

If you know someone who might not try as hard as you do to prevent identity theft, you can address the issue this holiday season with some carefully planned gifts. From document disposal to PC security, here are some gifts that can really help prevent identity theft.

Credit Monitoring Services

If your friends or family members have yet to take heed and subscribe to a credit monitoring service, you might want to take that step for them. Purchase a credit monitoring subscription for them as a gift this year. Many of the credit monitoring services will allow you to purchase "gift certificates" that will allow your gift recipients to sign up for credit monitoring services on your dime.

A subscription to LifeLock is a good choice. It's a great way to fight identity theft and will give your gift recipient the security and knowledge that if their identity is stolen, LifeLock will do whatever is necessary to fix the problem with up to $1 million of coverage.

Paper Shredders

Many of the office supply stores are having sales and paper shredders are often on the list of things that can be had at a discount. If any of your friends or family don't yet have a paper shredder, maybe you can help them prevent identity theft by buying one.

Security Software

Almost all of us know how important it is to have adequate security software on our computers. Some users, however, still don't realize just how critical it is. If you know someone like this, buy them an anti-spyware or anti-virus product this Christmas. You'll help them prevent identity theft and untold headaches caused by viruses and worms.

Add a Note

No matter what gift you give this year, if you're serious about helping your friends and family prevent identity theft make sure they know how important it is to use the gift you give them. After all, you can't prevent identity theft if you don't use the tools available to you and neither can your nearest and dearest.

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