Latest Tricks Thieves Are Using for Identity Theft

Stay On Top of the Latest Identity Theft Scams

Unfortunately, the identity theft criminals that are intent on stealing your identity keep coming up with new tricks and keep revamping old tricks to get the information they need from you. Only by staying on top of the latest identity theft scams will you be able to keep your information safe.

A Phone Call

The identity theft scams we’re going to talk about today all have one thing in common -- a phone call. Contrary to popular belief, identity theft thieves aren’t just using the computer to steal information. They’re doing it the old-fashioned way and are using the phone.

You’ve Been Approved for a Credit Card

With this scam, you get a call saying you’ve been approved for a credit card. They confirm your name and address and you figure they must be legit since they already had that information. Then they say all they need is your social security number, birth date and bank account information to confirm your identity and process the credit card application. Sometimes they even say they’re going to charge you a fee (letting you know that money is going to be taken out of your bank account). The problem is, the credit card never arrives, the money gets taken out of your bank account, and then suddenly your identity is stolen.

You’ve Been Approved for a Grant

This scam works just like the scam above, but instead of saying that you’ve been approved for a credit card, they tell you that you’ve been approved for a government grant. The end result, however, is the same. Money gets taken out of your bank account and your identity is stolen.

A Word to the Wise

So what can you do to protect yourself from the con artists who are pulling this scam? When they call, don’t give them any personal information. From experience, we’ve been told that these people will become pushy, persuasive and sometimes even downright rude when they’re told no, but you must stick to your guns. Do not give these people the information they need in order to steal your identity. Keep it to yourself and keep your identity safe.

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