Kids Need to Prevent Identity Theft Too

Tips for How Your Kids Can Help Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft can be an overwhelming thing to consider, but one way to prevent identity theft involves staying informed. It’s certainly important for you to follow all of the standard advice regarding identity theft reduction such as safeguarding your social security number and shredding important financial documents, but your children should also do their part to prevent identity theft.

Kids Can Be Victims Too

If your child knows his or her social security number, he or she should also know how to prevent identity theft. The first time many children usually need to use their social security number might involve standardized testing in school.

I know that during high school all the students were asked to provide their social security number as part of one of the standardized tests we took. I had to memorize my social security number for the occasion, and at the time I had no idea what identity theft was or why I would be at risk.

Standardized Tests

If your child needs to provide a social security number at school such as when taking a standardized test, see if you can avoid providing this private information. If it is unavoidable, have your child memorize his or her social security number and then write it on the necessary forms. Carrying around a sheet of paper with a social security number is a bad idea because it can easily be lost or read by someone else.

Summer Camp

If your child is going away to summer camp, make sure your child does not write his or her social security number down. Usually you, as the parent, will fill out any needed information prior to camp, so there is little reason for your child to take this information with him (or her).

Remember, kids are at just as much risk of identity theft as adults. If your child is old enough to know his or her social security number, they’re old enough to know how to prevent identity theft.

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