Is Someone Finally Tackling the Identity Theft/Illegal Immigrant Issue?

Some News from the Identity Theft Battlefront

Concern over the impact illegal immigration has on identity theft is not a racial issue, it's an issue of a legal impact on American citizens. It seems that people shy away from tying the two together when it's a known fact that illegal immigration does indeed play a part in a number of identity theft crimes. Fortunately it seems some steps are being taken to address that fact, at last.

What's Going On?

It appears that the Supreme Court is going to decide whether or not our government can issue new laws that would allow us to send illegal immigrants who commit identity theft to prison, or at least make them leave the country. But before you jump up and down thrilled with the fact that illegal immigrants will be forced to pay for their identity theft crimes, ask yourself who's really paying...

If we do put illegal immigrants in jail instead of making them leave the country when identity theft occurs, our tax dollars will be providing them with three square meals a day and a roof to sleep under. And that doesn't even factor in the issue that our prisons are already overcrowded.

If the courts really want to crack down on identity theft caused by illegal immigration, they might want to consider making those found guilty leave the country. Putting them in prison may not be an expense legal American citizens are willing to undertake.

In the end all we can hope for is that a crackdown on identity theft related to illegal immigration will make someone think twice before using someone else's information to live here illegally. While we can't stop identity theft entirely, every little bit of legislation can help.

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