Internet Newbies at Greater Risk of Identity Theft

Are Some More at Risk of Identity Theft than Others?

Those of us who have been using the Internet for years tend to assume that everyone’s gotten plugged into the Web right along with us. The truth of the matter is, each and every day more and more people who have never visited the Internet are logging on -- and these people are prime targets for identity theft criminals.

A Foreign Land

For first-time visitors, the Internet can be somewhat like a foreign land. They don’t really know the lingo, they’re not exactly street wise and they’re quite prone and vulnerable to the tricks that the unscrupulous love to play. For identity theft criminals, people who aren’t privy to their tactics are a dream come true. So how can we help those who don’t yet have enough experience to keep themselves safe from web-based identity theft?

A Community

We looked at the Internet as though it were a foreign land; now let’s look at it as though it were a close-knit community. If you have a friend or family member who you know is just becoming acquainted with the Web, make it your responsibility to point them in the right direction and let them know what they need to do in order to keep themselves safe from identity theft.

If you’re in an Internet chat room and you see someone that is obviously new to the Internet game giving out too much info, send them a quick message letting them know that they may be putting themselves in danger. After all, in a community people take care of each other and if the Internet is the community of the future, we should really start looking out for others.


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I recently got an email from a sister Julie James.
She claims that her husband died leaving millions of dollars in the bank. She now has cancer and is dieing and wants to give the money to widows and orphans. She sent me a picture of her and her husband that was not very visable. She is now asking for my personal informaion. what should i do? how do i know if she's on the up and up?

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