Identity Theft: When Are The Courts Going To Take It Seriously?

The Sickening Truth About Identity Theft and The Legal System

When it comes to talking about identity theft, I usually like to stick with the facts in an calm, collected and unbiased manner. However, when something makes me sick to my stomach and induces a bit of rage in me -- well, I'm not the type to keep my mouth shut about it. What's got me in a tizzy? How law enforcement, prosecutors and the courts in general really don't really seem to give a darn about identity theft victims.

The Source of My Rage

Why am I so mad about identity theft? What has changed lately to make me lose my proverbial cool? Nothing... That's the whole point -- nothing has changed. Thousands of victims hurt and millions of dollars lost and no one seems to be doing anything to make the courts take identity theft more seriously.

A prime example of this fact is the story of a woman named Karen Lodrick. Karen was the victim of identity theft. In total, she lost $30,000 and countless hours of her time due to the crime. However, the police really wouldn't do anything to catch Lodrick's identity thief.

That's not the worst of it.

Lodrick was actually one of the few identity theft victims who took action and tracked down the person who had violated her. The woman's name was Maria Nelson and, believe it or not, Maria was already on probation at the time she was caught stealing Karen's identity. Sick, huh?

Not a Happy Ending

So the good news is that Karen caught Maria, which should have led to Maria serving jail time -- right?


It's bad enough that law enforcement doesn't tend to work on individual cases of identity theft. Now, when the victims do the work for them, the courts just seem to let the criminals run free anyway.

Maria was found guilty of identity theft and guess how much time she did? None! She was sentenced to 44 days as time already served and the put on 3 years of probation. Doesn't seem to matter that she was on probation when committing the crime -- let's just throw some more probation at her and see if it helps. Right.

Did I mention that it has been reported that the low-life criminal SMIRKED at the victim during the sentencing? Real cute.

What Can We Do

First, let's let the San Francisco reps know how disgusted we are with their legal system. Then, let's contact our reps and let them know that we all demand a crackdown on identity theft. Until the crime gets harder to commit and the punishment gets more severe, we're all at risk of identity theft.

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