Identity Theft Resulting from an Accidental Email

Learn How College Students Experienced an Increased Identity Theft Risk Via Email

A recent situation at the Jefferson College of Health Sciences has put some students at a greater risk for identity theft. Over one hundred students were affected and put at greater risk for identity theft by a cyber mixup.

Email Uh Oh

An email containing the social security numbers of over one hundred students was sent to the entire student body. The email was actually intended for another employee at the college. The college intends to compensate students by providing them with credit monitoring for an entire year. Even with this provision, the students are already at risk for identity theft. Email has the potential to be viewed in transmission by anyone skilled enough to intercept it. Any of the more than nine hundred students who already received the email could potentially use or sell the social security numbers contained in the email.

Be Proactive

If someone experiences such a large breach of confidentiality with their social security number or other personal financial information, it is important to take measures to minimize any potential damage. Keeping an eye on your credit history is essential. There are three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. Getting a credit report from each of these agencies is important. Staggering the reports can be helpful so that more than four months does not go by when you are checking on your credit history. Following an unfortunate incident such as the one experienced at Jefferson College of the Health Sciences, it is best not to let an entire year pass before checking on one's credit history.

You can also place a hold on credit inquiries, which would make it difficult for an individual who stole your identity theft to apply for a new line of credit in your name. It is also important to keep an even closer eye on your credit report in subsequent years following such an unfortunate event as the one that the Jefferson College students experienced. Identity theft is possibly an inevitable result of such a situation, but it makes sense to take every step necessary to reduce that risk.

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