Identity Theft Resources Help Identity Theft Victims

Where Can You Turn If You Are an Identity Theft Victim

Identity theft resources can be very valuable for individuals who have found out they’ve become the victim of identity theft. Surprisingly, though, many consumers know little about identity theft and even less about identity theft resources.

Prevention Comes First

Sometimes identity theft resources can involve identity theft prevention. As a consumer, you can put a freeze on your credit report. A credit freeze will prevent anyone who happens to get a hold of your social security number from opening up a new account in your name. A credit card company will have to call you first before opening up a credit account in your name if you have a freeze in place. Ultimately, credit card companies are taking the threat of identity theft more seriously.

In order to reduce your risk of identity theft to the fullest extent you should take advantage of all identity theft resources at your disposable. There are many identity theft resources that help consumers figure out how to respond to identity theft if they’ve become a victim of this crime.

Helpful Resources is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization, and they offer fact sheets that address specific concerns consumers have related to identity theft. Responding promptly to identity theft is necessary in order to minimize the damage an identity theft criminal does. Part of responding involves knowing whether or not you’ve become a victim of identity theft, but many consumers aren’t even aware that they’ve been victimized. That is why it is so important to order a copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies on an annual basis. Identity theft resources are nearly useless unless you take advantage of them.

Most of the identity theft resources available focus on the financial and economic impact of identity theft, but remember that there is also an emotional toll as well.

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