Identity Theft Resources Help Before and After

Discover One of the Least Known Identity Theft Resources

Identity theft resources can be very valuable for identity theft victims. Many individuals know that they should contact the credit reporting agencies and file a local police report, but there are other identity theft resources available that should be utilized as well. When it comes to identity theft, it makes sense to utilize all the available identity theft resources at your disposal.

The Big Guns

One of the least known identity theft resources is the Federal Trade Commission. Typically when we think of identity theft, we think our local police can help. Definitely file a police report. I’m not discouraging you from doing that. Just consider for a minute that many cases of identity theft involve national or even international scope. The identity theft criminal who stole your information might not be living in your town or even your state.

The Federal Trade Commission doesn’t actually investigate identity theft cases which is why most people don’t even think of this organization after they find out they’ve been victimized by identity theft. However, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) does share information with investigators from all across the country, and an identity theft investigator might spot trends or a connection between identity theft cases occurring in different states. The bottom line is that when you have experienced identity theft there is no such thing as too many identity theft resources.

The FTC is easy to contact too. They can be reached via their identity theft hotline, on the web, or via snail mail. That’s good news for identity theft victims because it can be intimidating to deal with government organizations especially when such a crisis occurs, and identity theft is justifiably called a crisis.

It’s still important to take steps to reduce your risk of identity theft, and we have many tips available on this website. Identity resources are important to prevent identity theft, and they are also important if you discover you’ve been victimized by identity theft.

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