Identity Theft Occurs Daily

Recent News Headlines Reinforce Just How Often Identity Theft Happens

If you think identity theft is under control, you may want to think twice. Although some may have you believe that the criminals are being caught and the world is safer, identity theft is still on the rise. Identity theft stories make headlines on a regular basis, and this week has been no exception. Earlier this week headlines revealed yet another recent case of identity theft.

An Ugly Situation

A home builder in South Carolina was burglarized, and a computer was stolen. That computer contained the information of nearly 3,000 former customers. There is really never a good time to find out you’ve become the victim of identity theft, but can you imagine how problematic it would be in the months or years after you’ve just had a new home built?

Taking The Responsibility

According to recent news reports, many customers that have been notified their information is at risk are disappointed that the home building company is not taking more steps to address their risk of identity theft. In many cases, a company will offer to pay for credit monitoring services for the affected customers for a period of time sometimes as much as a year or more after the incident.

Vigilance is Critical

Just because your credit report looks good in six months doesn’t mean that it will also look good in a year or more. Sometimes identity theft criminals don’t always immediately use the information they have stolen. They could hold onto that information for a few years before using it. It is never a good idea to assume you are in the clear. Any possible threat of identity theft needs to be carefully followed for an extended period of time. This means that you will have to check your credit reports available from the three main credit reporting agencies on a regular basis.

A Personalized Approach

There is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution for identity theft, but taking certain steps to prevent identity theft or to address identity theft after it has occurred can lessen the long-term impact this crime can have on both your credit report and financial situation.

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