Identity Theft News: Learn the Latest Schemes

Want to keep up with identity theft news? Make sure you know these common schemes

It's hard to keep up with identity theft news -- it seems like every few minutes, there's a new scheme out there. The most common these days are phishing schemes, where someone attempts to sucker you out of your money or, worse yet, personal information (SSN, credit card numbers, back account or routing numbers, etc).

So if you want to make sure you're up to date on identity theft news, stay familiar with the latest scams.

Identity thieves are stepping up their game

1. Emails using corporate logos

Tricking people is getting harder, so crooks are getting smarter. These days it's not uncommon to get emails featuring very authentic looking logos from PayPal, eBay, Google, or even banks. The letters are well written and sound professional, but they are scams designed to trick you out of your information. General rule? Never do anything through email -- go directly through the site in question.

2. Nigerian princesses await you!

The classic scam of the Nigerian princess is getting smarter, too. Since identity theft news has pretty much warned everyone that there is no Nigerian princess desperate for your help in accessing her millions, scam artists have moved on to bigger and better things.

The motif is the same -- somewhere there's a huge pile of money awaiting you. It's what you need to do it that changes. The most audacious of these emails request photocopies of your social security card, driver's license, or even passport. Others simply ask you to reply with your phone number. But you should NEVER give these people any method of getting in touch with you.

3. Email from imaginary friends

Since identity theft news warned people about more common scams, some crooks have started sending you emails that seem to be from real people in the hopes that you'll reply, even if it's only to ask "who is this?" or tell them they made a mistake. Any way they can open lines of communication is a way to gain access to your personal information. Don't reply to email from people you don't know.

Keeping up with identity theft news is a great way to protect yourself.

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