Identity Theft Isn't Just Financial

Identity Theft Gets Personal

It's bad enough when someone steals your identity and puts your financial world in turmoil, but what happens when identity theft results in a different type of loss? What happens when identity theft compromises your integrity?

Email Identity Theft

We're all familiar with the fact that someone can steal our identities and open credit accounts in our name. What many of us fail to recognize is that our email identities are at risk of identity theft too. Confused?

Let's say you get an email from someone you know. What shocks you is the content of the email. It might be inappropriate or maybe they're asking you to buy something. Think twice before thinking less of your friend -- they may just be the victim of email identity theft.

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

Here's the deal -- in the world of email things aren't always what they seem. Someone can fake an email address as easily as I can sign someone else's name. It's just a matter of knowing how. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about it.

As of now, there's really no "secured" email solution. However, we'll keep you updated as developments in the market are made. Until then, they only way to control email identity theft is to recognize these fraudulent emails for what they are and report the IPs they come from as soon as you receive them.

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