Identity Theft Isn't Always Financial In Nature

There's More To Identity Theft Than Meets the Eye

Think that identity theft criminals just want your information so they can get credit in your name? Feel you're not at risk of identity theft because your credit isn't up to par? You may want to change the way you think about identity theft. Identity theft criminals may be after more than your credit.

Identity Theft Eye Opener

When people think about identity theft, it usually involves someone stealing someone else's information to open credit in their name. With this line of thinking, it's easy to assume that those with damaged credit histories aren't at risk of identity theft. This couldn't be further from the truth.

No matter how bad your credit is, you could be at risk of identity theft. In fact, you could literally have the worst credit history in the entire world and still become a victim of the crime.


Because not all criminals are interested in committing identity theft for purposes of opening credit cards and taking out loans.

A Criminal By Any Other Name

If a criminal is willing to commit identity theft, it's not too far of a stretch to assume they might be willing to conduct other criminal activities. But what happens when they get caught? It's not always their identity they give to the police.

You Did WHAT?

You're the average Joe. You have a good career, a nice house, the typical family. Then one day you find out there's a warrant for your arrest. You supposedly committed a crime and then never showed up for your court date. The problem is, you were never even arrested and you sure as heck didn't commit any crime.

Guess what? You've just been the victim of identity theft and it had absolutely nothing to do with your credit.

Should You Be Checking Other Records

It's true that crime-related identity theft isn't as common as credit-related identity theft, but that doesn't mean you aren't at risk. I suggest running your own criminal record report once a year. That way, if someone has done something under your name, you'll know about it and will be able to take the appropriate measures before it gets out of hand.

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