Identity Theft Isn’t Always a Solitary Game

Identity Theft Cases Can Often Be Linked to Identity Theft Rings

When most of us think about identity theft, images of a lowly, lone criminal searching for our personal information usually come to mind. However, the true face of identity theft may indeed paint a very different picture. Many cases of identity theft have nothing to do with the lone criminal, but rather entire identity theft rings -- and those may do the worst damage.

A Prime Identity Theft Example

Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties have all experienced extremely high identity theft occurrences over the past six years. So are there just a high number of identity theft criminals running around those areas? Not necessarily. In fact, 2 million dollars of the past six years’ identity theft can be attributed to a single identity theft ring operating in all six of those counties.

Many people have thought that identity theft cases aren’t a high priority for authorities due to the length of time it takes the authorities to investigate an identity theft crime, but when you take into account that authorities may be investigating not one, but multiple people linked to the crime, the amount of time it takes for the investigation starts to fall into perspective.

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