Identity Theft in the Workplace

The Workplace Can be Grounds for Identity Theft Too

If you think that you’re only at risk for identity theft at home, you’d better think twice. Identity theft can also occur in the workplace, and if you’re in charge, it’s your job to protect your employees. Take these steps to ensure that your workplace isn’t breeding grounds for identity theft.

The Information You Collect

When you collect information from employees, such as social security numbers, passwords, and other personal information, make sure it’s information you actually need and make sure it’s collected in a way that others can’t overhear or oversee the information you’re collecting to avoid aiding identity theft.

How You Store Personal Information

How do you store your employees’ personal information? Is it on a secured server? Are the files locked up? Or is there common access to where personal files are held? Make sure that you keep employees’ personal data under lock and key, as this is the exact information that identity theft thieves are looking for.

Document Disposal

When and if you dispose of outdated employee files, how do you do so? Do you shred them first? You should! If you just throw them out in the trash, dumpster divers can go through the files and glean personal information from them, personal information that can aide them in identity theft.

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