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Colorado Journalist Experiences Frustrations of Identity Theft

The other day I read one of the most informative and compelling articles in that I have seen in a while. It appears that a freelance journalist recently became the victim of an identity theft crime - and she wants her story heard. The following is definitely a story that you will find compelling, and anyone who has suffered identity theft or worries about it can sympathize with the victim.

The Victim

Theresa Myers, a freelance journalist, in Colorado became the victim of identity theft, and she only became aware of it when the IRS contacted her to inform her that she owed over $1,000 in taxes. The IRS claimed that she had unreported income. The fact is a seasonal worker had stolen her identity and was working under her social security number. That criminal then didn’t report his earnings to the IRS, so they traced that money to Myers through her social security number. The nightmare she faced seems unbearable. Every agency she encountered referred her to another agency. Identity theft, she claims, is an area where these is no clear jurisdiction.

Why Aren't There Better Measures In Place?

Myers raises some interesting points that only a victim of identity theft has the ability to understand. She writes about the need for there to be one central agency to handle identity theft complaints and assist identity theft victims. This would expedite the process of clearing up one’s identity and credit record. She also feels if there was a guest worker program then immigrants would not feel the need to steal identities because they could work in the U.S. legally.

Myers’ case is definitely identity theft on a multi-tiered level. In cases of identity theft, one’s credit report is usually destroyed, but Myers had the added aggravation of “owing” the IRS for income tax on money she never earned.

Myers case definitely causes even the most relaxed consumer to begin to get concerned about identity theft and take proper steps to do all one can to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim.

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